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Page 4: Accessory and Team Lists.

When I only had the details from the 1953-54 price list, it seemed logical to squeeze this into the history pages. Now things have become more complicated by further lists, I figured I'd let them breathe with a page of their own. 

Like Subbuteo, Newfooty was only available via mail-order in the 1950s, so the sets were always supplied with a retail price list for the extra teams and accessories. This is obviously a great help to collectors. However, Newfooty lists are a little more haphazard than Peter Adolph's game. For a start, the team colours did not have reference numbers, or any indication of which teams they represented. The component range was listed with numbers, but unfortunately these were not consistent. The balls that were reference number 9 in 1951 were 16 in 1952, and 12 in 1956. Confused? Certainly. 

The 1951-52 Retail Price List - Components.

A list with fifteen references from the era of slotted bases and balancing discs. There is a great range of goals, and 23 team colours.

The 1953-54 Retail Price List - Components.

This is an interesting item because it shows how confusing production was at this crucial stage of its battle with Subbuteo. At first glance, a 25 item accessory list looks fairly exciting, but by the time all the different figure/base types are taken into consideration, there are very few extras. By contrast, the Subbuteo price list of the same season has the score recorder, the time keeper, and team carrying boxes.

The 1957-58 Retail Price List - Components.

This is thankfully a more simplified list, as all the previous bases had been replaced by a new type (the one where the rim had a prominent lip). An abbreviated list from 1955-56 suggests that this easier to manage range was in place by that date. 

The lists and comparisons with Subbuteo.

Just to make things a little more interesting, I've added a column to show comparable prices from the 1953-54 Subbuteo catalogue. Obviously the items are not identical, but I've tried to match like with like. For instance, I've compared Subbuteo's cheap wire goals with the basic card ones from Newfooty, and the lovely metal deluxe Subbuteo goal with Newfooty's plastic equivalent. On the whole, Subbuteo is slightly more expensive, although there is not much in it.

The Newfooty prices shown in the third column come from the 1953 list, except where the item wasn't available at that time. However, none of the prices actually change between 1951 and 1958.

Ref No 1951 Ref No 1953 Ref No 1956-58 Description Price 1953 (1958) Price of Subbuteo Equivalent
1 1 ---- Set of 11 attractive football figures including goalkeeper, printed on transparent plastic. State alternative colours if first choice out of stock. For use with balancing discs and lead bases.
Figures are in varied active positions and stand out prominently against the strong transparent background of uniform shape and size.
---- 2 1 Set of 11 attractive football figures including goalkeeper, printed on transparent plastic. Punched out in sheet form State alternative colours. Mark order clearly "1953 type" For plastic bases only 2s 3d 2s 7d
2 3 2 Set of eleven cardboard figures 9d 1s 2d

The delightful celluloid referee set.

Ref No 1951 Ref No 1953 Ref No 1956-58 Description Price 1953 (1958) Price of Subbuteo Equivalent
---- ---- 3 Set of referee, 2 linesmen and 2 deputy goalkeepers punched out in sheet plastic. Figures only. (1s 2d)  
3 4 4 Set of cardboard referee, linesmen and spare goalkeeper 5d  
4 5 ---- Set of 11 slotted lead bases 1s  
5 6 ---- Set of 11 plastic balancing discs for use with Ref 1 celluloid figures 1s 6d  
---- 7 ---- Set of 11 rubber balancing discs for use with ref 3 cardboard figures 1s 3d  
---- 8 5* Set of 11 moulded plastic bases with balancing units fitted internally, 1953 type - very latest. 3s 2s 11d
---- ---- 6 Set of five plastic bases for use with ref 3 and 4.  (1s 6d)  
6 9 ---- Complete team of celluloid figures, plastic balancing discs and slotted bases 4s 6d  
---- 10 7 Complete team of 1953 type plastic figures and moulded plastic bases with balancing units fitted internally. Very latest table soccer men 5s 3d  
7 11 ---- Complete team of cardboard figures, discs and lead bases 3s  
---- 12 8 Complete team of cardboard figures and moulded plastic bases with balancing units fitted internally 3s 9d 3s 6d
8 13 ---- Complete set of referee, 2 linesmen and 2 spare goalkeepers in cardboard, balancing discs and lead bases 1s 3d 1s 2d for refs only.
---- ---- 9 Complete set of plastic referee, 2 linesmen and 2 deputy goalkeepers with plastic bases (2s 8d)  
---- ---- 10 Complete set of cardboard referee, 2 linesmen and 2 deputy goalkeepers with plastic bases (1s 11d)  
10 14 ---- Goalkeeper wires - old type for use with ref Nos 9 and 11 (per pair)
These wires clip around the goalkeeper figure.
---- 15 11 Goalkeeper wires 0 new type for use with ref No 10 and 12 (1953 refs)
These wires plug into a hole in the back of the base as with Subbuteo.

* The standard bases (ref 5 in 1956-58) had been redesigned from the 1953 version.

The Crestlin Price List (1963-64)

April 2021: A full Crestlin set went through ebay earlier this year, and among the pictures was the Crestlin price list for 1963-64, which seems to be the only year that Crestlin items were produced. I had previously seen the set details for this year, but this new information gave references for the separate teams and bases. As usual with Newfooty, everything has been renumbered, so I have added this further table - here and in the history on New Footy page 2.

The card figures appear to be the same price as in Newfooty days, whereas the celluloid figures have seen an increase (and the bases seem to be cheaper). It was cheaper to buy a set of unpainted 3D figures than a set of celluloid players. Note that the painted teams here can't be the lovely boxed item shown boxed on New Footy page 2, because the price does not allow for bases to be included.

Ref No 1963/64 Description Price 1963
1 Set of 11 plastic, self balancing bases with fitted stabilisers. For use with Refs 2, 3 and 4 2s 9d
2 Set of 11 card-board figures, in sheet form, punched out. 9d
3 Set of 11 all-action celluloid plastic figures, in sheet form, punched out ready for use. 3s 3d
3-D Set of 11, plain 3-D figures for self painting. 3s
4 Set of 11 three-dimensional moulded plastic figures, hand-painted. Sensational addition to our range. Available in any requested coloures. A "Must for all soccer enthusiasts. 4s 11d

The later Newfooty sets had much smaller balls than Subbuteo. These were actually smaller than the medium size Subbuteo ball used today, but bigger than the small Subbuteo ball (set FF). Shown above is a two panelled ball as featured in Subbuteo sets of the period (and some Newfooty sets) plus two Newfooty balls from a 1958 deluxe set.

Ref No 1951 Ref No 1953 Ref No 1956-58 Description Price 1953 (1958) Price of Subbuteo Equivalent
9 16 12 Balls 11/16" Plastic 3 for 9d 2 for 1s
9 16 ---- 1" Celluloid, brown moulded and panelled 2 for 10d ----
9 ---- ---- 1" Celluloid, second quality. 3 for 9d ----
---- ---- 13 Balls. Panelled celluloid, brown. Possible the same as the 1" ball shown as part of ref 16 in 1953, but with a new price. (2 for 1s)  

Ref No 1951 Ref No 1953 Ref No 1956-58 Description Price 1953 (1958) Price of Subbuteo Equivalent
11 17 14 Fixture cards for recording results (3 for 6d in 1951) 6 for 11d  
---- 17a 15 Fixture cards for recording results (larger) 4 for 11d 4 for 11d

The simple Newfooty surround, which was also included in the bigger sets.
The L-shaped end of the clip has a small hole in it, through which the cord is threaded. 

Ref No 1951 Ref No 1953 Ref No 1956-58 Description Price 1953 (1958) Price of Subbuteo Equivalent
12 ---- ---- Table clips and boundary tape to prevent ball and men from frequently falling off the table, also goalclips for securing goals to cloth.
The box sets of this vintage had "plastic piping" as a surround. I'm not sure how this "tape differs to that. The plastic piping is probably the same as the cheap 16a option from 1956.
2s 6d  
---- 18 16 8 Table clips, boundary cord and goal clips. 3s 6d 3s 6d
---- ---- 16a 4 table clips and plastic tubing. 
(Sadly I have no idea about this accessory.)
(2s 0d)  

An alternate pair of 1950s goals still unassembled.
The wooden bases on these goals made them more stable than the usual extruded rod version, although both types appear in sets of this period. 

Ref No 1951 Ref No 1953 Ref No 1956-58 Description Price 1953 (1958) Price of Subbuteo Equivalent
13 19 ---- Goals. Cardboard overprinted with netting in Green. White enamelled metal fronts. (Pair) 2s 6d 1s 2d (plus 1s 2d for nets)
13 ---- ---- Goals. Improved type made of copper covered wire with green netting and white enamelled metal fronts. Very strong. 5s 6d  
13 ---- ---- Goals. Wooden frames with wire supports covered with green netting - hand made. 5s 6d  
---- 20 17 Goals. moulded plastic, fitted nets, perfectly formed from extruded rod. (Pair) 6s 5s 3d
14 21 18 Corner Flags. Wire with miniature flags, to fit onto table. (Set of four) 1s 1s 9d for 6

The attractive "green" handbook from 1958.

Ref No 1951 Ref No 1953 Ref No 1956-58 Description Price 1953 (1958) Price of Subbuteo Equivalent
15 22 19 "NEWFOOTY" HANDBOOK with complete rules for playing table soccer with self-balancing men and hints to players 9d 1s
15 23 20 Complete rules in leaflet form 3d  
---- ---- 21 Special cement for assembling teams etc. (4d)   
---- 24 22 Marked out pitch printed on green baize of 1st class quality. To fit table measuring 5' by 3' (The best quality pitch is advertised as fitting a table 5' by 2'6" in 1958, although the price is the same).  19s 11d  20s 5d
---- ---- 22a Marked out pitch on green baize. Second quality. To fit table measuring 5'x3' and/or 5'x2'6". Useful if you have one of those narrow dining tables that were a curse for many Subbuteo players! (17s)  
---- 25 ---- Two spare plastic goalkeepers mounted in distinctive 1953 plastic bases 11d 1s 2d
---- ---- 23  Pocket size "Newfooty" boxes for containing game  (11d)  
---- ---- 24 "Newcrikit" By far the best game of table cricket available. (19s 11d)  

The 1953 list also states that "Newfooty boxes are not sold separately. Small plaques and silver medals can be supplied. Plain cloths are available;  prices on request." 

Team Colours 1953-58

The team colours were listed on the final page of the catalogue. These were not laid out nicely like the Subbuteo team lists, but the 1953 list mentions that "a complete list of the various English Scottish, Northern Irish, and International teams available on request."

The 1953-54 catalogue had 23 team colours compared with 28 in the 1953-54 Subbuteo version. Like Subbuteo, this number was slowly increased. There were 14 teams available in the late 1930s, and 20 teams were originally produced in the new post war figure. By 1958 the list had reached 28 kits.

Again for comparison, I've included the Subbuteo reference next to the Newfooty version. What is good news for Newfooty collectors is that the two teams in each box set seem to be a random selection from the range. So unlike Subbuteo, where every box set is just blue/white vs red/white, a Newfooty set is always a surprise. As noted on the accessory list, there was a difference in celluloid figures between the old plastic balancing disc figures and those designed for the later all-in-one bases. The earlier figure had a small tag that fitted through a hole in the disc. The illustrations were also different though, with more (and different) action poses, and no shirt numbers.

2008: A big thank you to Martyn Burr who kindly supplied many of the pictures for this expanded section.

Teams available in the undermentioned coloured jerseys.

A good selection of Newfooty teams with white shorts.

White Shorts.

Shirt Colour 

1951 Sub ? 1953 Sub ? 1958 Sub ?
Red and white stripes Y 4 Y   Y
Blue and white stripes Y 3 Y   Y  
Black and white stripes  (Dropped in 1953 Reintroduced as plastic only in 1958) Y 34 (5) N   Y 34
Red and white sleeves (Celluloid introduced October 1951) Y 16 Y   Y  
Red and white hoops (Celluloid introduced October 1951) Y ---- Y   Y 1969
Red Y 1 Y   Y  
Tangerine Y 13 Y   Y  
Green Y 15 Y   Y  
Green and white stripes (Celluloid introduced October 1951) Y ---- N   N 36
Green and White hoops Y 25 Y   Y  
Blue (Royal Blue in 1958) Y 2 Y   Y  
Blue and white hoops Y 11 Y   Y  
Claret and blue sleeves Y 7 Y   Y
Blue and white quarters. (card only in 1951) Y 12 Y   Y  
Blue and white halves (card only in 1951) Y ---- Y   Y 31
Tangerine and black sleeves (card only in 1951) Y ---- Y ---- N ----
White Y 21 Y   Y  
Green and white sleeves N ---- Y ---- Y 1965
Blue and white sleeves (Celluloid only in 1953) N 17 Y 17 Y  
Maroon N ---- N 27 Y 27
Sky Blue* N 5 N 5 Y 5
Black and white hoops (Plastic only in 1957-8) N ---- N ---- Y 1969
Blue and amber sleeves (Plastic only in 1957-8) N ---- N ---- Y ----

Obviously most of the teams correlated to a Subbuteo equivalent. The variations came in the more obscure kits. It's amusing to note that both Subbuteo and Newfooty have a black and white stripes, white shorts team early in their range, which is dropped in the early 1950s and then reintroduced.

Newfooty were first with the blue and white halved team (Subbuteo ref 31 added in 1955) and the green with white sleeves (NF 1953, Subbuteo ref 45 in 1965). They also had a green and white striped kit in 1951 (Bradford PA) but had dropped this by the time Subbuteo introduced it in the mid 1950s. Subbuteo's red and white hooped team had black shorts until the late 1960s, as did their black and white hooped side (ref 24), which Newfooty produced with white shorts in the late 1950s.

Subbuteo never featured the odd Tangerine with black sleeves outfit featured in Newfooty in both 1951 and 1953. Nor did it have an equivalent kit to the blue with amber sleeves team that appears in 1958. However, Subbuteo were first with blue with white sleeves (ref 17), and also Man City's sky blue, which did not arrive in Newfooty until the late 1950s.  The unusual Bradford City/Bradford Park Avenue colours are also missing from Newfooty, as are the gold and black hoops and stripes introduced for Scottish sides.

A selection of Newfooty player with black (and blue) shorts. 

Black Shorts Blue Shorts

Shirt colour

Subbuteo No.

Shirt Colour

Subbuteo No.
Black and white stripes 8 White 18
Red and white stripes 9 Blue and white stripes (features in 1951-52 but dropped 1953) 51 in 1969
Tangerine/Old Gold 6    
White 10    
Blue and white stripes (added by 1953) 22    
Old gold, blue sleeves. (added by 1957-8 but only in plastic) 26    

Un-Catalogued Teams.

This team is owned by Newfooty collector Simon Goodman, and is the first "non-catalogued" team that either of us have seen. (Of course, I haven't seen every catalogue, so I suppose it might be on one somewhere). With its yellow and white hoops, it is a very attractive kit, and unlike anything Subbuteo did. The thing is - who would have played in this?

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